Friday, February 3, 2012

How to make Plarn for knitting or crocheting

So, plarn is basically yarn made from plastic bags! all you need is a scissors and bags to make plarn.  So far I've grouped my "like" bags and put them into balls, but i'll mix colors in the future.  This walk-through uses bags from kroger.

1. Flatten out your clean grocery bag.
2. Fold the bag in half.

3. Fold in half again 2 more times.

4. Cut the bag into strips and discard the handle portion and the bottom seal and when you open up the strips, you have many loops.  You can make the strips whatever width you like to work with. If you make them too thin, they will rip easier. Mine very quite a bit, and i like the affect i get from that.

5. Take 2 loops and lay them over each other.

6. Pull the loops through each other.

7. Pull tight.  The bags will stand up to a bit of force, but will rip if you pull too hard.

8. Continue adding loops to one end until you have a long string (here's a pile I had)

9. Roll it into a ball.

10. Crochet or knit with it!  The "fabric" is very strong, and has an interesting texture.  You can wash it in your machine on gentle, but definitely don't dry it with heat (duh).

The colored words turn into almost specs of color.

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