Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fair Trade

As a member of, I recently became a participant in a bzzcampaign for Green Mountain Coffee's Fair Trade product.  I was reminded the importance of Fair Trade products!

Why choose Fair Trade?

I loved the bzzguide that accompanied my free coffee product. Here's what they say about their Fair Trade Coffee:

  • Helps farmers get a fair price for their beans
  • Improves working conditions
  • Assists in protecting the environment
  • Supports community development with projects resulting in new schools, roads, health clinics and safer drinking water
In the end, all this enables farmers to invest in better quality coffee for – who else? – you! Who knew that by preparing to conquer your day, you'd be helping so many others conquer theirs?
How can you argue with that?  Why wouldn't you choose fair trade?! 

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